Hosted by Monofonus Press
Friday, June 09, 2017 at 8:00 pm
Monofonus Press + Astral Spirits Presents

Joe McPhee + Tashi Dorji + M. Geddas Gengres (trio)

Honestly not sure what to expect with this trio. It should be absolutely amazing. Three artists with unique visions and voices operating in different but sembiotic sonic universes.

Joe McPhee (saxophone, trumpet, flugelhorn) LEGEND!
First recorded in 1967. Known throughout the world for his work in free jazz. McPhee has recorded/performed with Ken Vandermark, Peter Brötzmann, Evan Parker, Mats Gustafsson, Jeb Bishop, The Thing, Clifton Hyde, Jérôme Bourdellon, Raymond Boni, Joe Giardullo etc etc.

Tashi Dorji (Guitar)
Tashi Dorji was born in Bhutan and started playing guitar as a teenager, a time when access to most media was highly restricted. Originally influenced by flamenco and classical music he heard on shortwave radio, and by bootleg tapes brought in from India, after Dorji moved to the US he discovered the music of Albert Ayler, John Zorn and Derek Bailey – the latter's particular take on Dixieland proving to be a formative influence. -Wire

M. Geddes Gengras (Modular Synth)
The many projects Ged has been involved with touch on most of my favorite genres. That he could have worked with The Congos in Jamaica (along with Sun Araw), and heshed out opening up for Rusted Shut (in Robedoor) blows the mind. I assume for this project he will be on Modular Synths. The work he does in this realm is my favorite of his stuff. Beautiful layers of layers.

Hidden Ritual (Austin)
They take minimal, strummy, percussive post-punk (think the Feelies ca. Crazy Rhythms) and couch it in a murky, yet very carefully-filtered environment of reverb, synths, lounge motifs, and stock-still vocalese reminiscent of Ian Curtis or Ian McCullouch. The result is driving yet muted, combining the most effective parts of ‘50s/’60s sleepwalk pop gloom, the malaise of early Felt, Velvets-y strum, and disciplined mope – imagine Broadcast writing a new arrangement to the Chills’ “Pink Frost,” perhaps, and you’re getting warm. -Doug Mosurock

Lié (Vancouver)
Three piece dark/post/whatever punk band from up north bringing that Canadian doom and gloom we all love! We saw them live and had to do a record. RIYL Mutators, Nü Sensae, Twin Crystals, Nots, Surfbort.

Soft Healer (Austin)
"ESG, Young Marble Giants, Funkadelic, Bonanza Theme" or "Krautrock, Twisted Tea (one a day), Essential Oils, Moonlight, and Burnt Sage"? Does that do it for you? Best band! Featuring Adam from Deep Time on the drums too.

W-2 (Astral Spirits release show!!)
New Little Bits Synth & Sax weirdness duo featuring Chris Welcome from Flying Luttenbachers and Sam Weinberg. Kind of sounds like trying to do your gotttdamed taxes and the dial up modem is gotttdam jammed up.