Sunday, December 10, 2017 at 8:00 pm
ALPHAVILLE., Brooklyn, NY - View Map
SUNDAY DEC 10, 2017
~Alphaville Presents...
~~A Showcase of Puerto Rican Artists


8pm / $8-$10 / 21+

140 Wilson Ave
Brooklyn, NY

Baba Gris alongside some other guests from Puerto Rico bring their Experimental Latin Rock Performance to Alphaville!
The wide variety of this Puerto Rican bands' tour will be experienced here in Brooklyn the night of December 10th.
Sr. Langosta, Émina, Baba Gris and Sol Creciente will blow your brains away and put your feet to dance. Four bands coming directly from Puerto Rico to show NYC what's going on in the Independent Music scene of the island. Don’t miss this opportunity to see them all together and be a part of their celebration!

El Viento Nos Impulsa - NYC Tour

This Puerto Rican Art Experience in NYC is brought to you on behalf of Singular-DTV - A groundbreaking blockchain entertainment platform Empowering Artists with new tools and ways to share their Art. Ask us about it if you'd want to learn more and regain control of your Art.

~Baba Gris (

In the midst of a caribbean, world and universal music uncertainty, Baba Gris emerges. Their
sonic richness travels through a wide range of influences where Latin American folklore, jazz,
fusion rock and avant-garde music converge. Its malleability is due to its concern about fluidity,
inclusion, expansion and the various aspects that the art of music demands daily.

~Sr. Langosta (

Sr. Langosta is an amped-up, in-your face fusion band founded and led by composer and guitar player Jorge Andres Ferreras, of
San Juan, Puerto Rico. The groups musical approach begins with a deep root in the theory and format of instrumental jazz— all of the members being graduates of the jazz performance program of the Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico— and brings in heavy influence of the styles and genres that made the members who they are today,
namely; Afro-Caribbean percussion, psychedelic rock, funk, hip-hop, and others.

~Émina (

Electrifying keyboards, a powerful voice and percussion, and a dirty yet modern tenor sax sound with guitar effects, that's ÉMINA! Born in the island of Puerto Rico circa 2015 by Ama Rios, Alexandra Rivera & Janice Maisonet..."it's a "tour de force" fusing jazz, hip-hop, afro-caribbean and electronic music, making it's dancing beats as unique as the lyrics behind their songs”.

~Sol Creciente

Sol Creciente is a latin-jazz group that exposes afro-caribbean rhythms like Rumba, Salsa, 6/8, Funk, Hip-Hop and also Puerto Rican rhythms like Bomba and Plena. The group also mixes its rhythmic style with the harmony of Jazz, Blues and some passages of Classical music. The instrumentation doesn’t always have to be the same because Sol Creciente is a musical concept
led by Eugenio Torres, creator and lead-violinist of the band. The group consists of Bass, Drums, Keyboards, Congas and Violin.